Friday, 24 July 2015

Hurray For The Summer Holidays!!!

We have finally made it to the Summer Holidays here in the UK and thank goodness for that too.
We are now treated to 6 weeks of Summer fun. Having been fortunate already in that June and July have been remarkably hot with temperatures reaching 25c degrees regularly and occasionally nearer to 30c here in Suffolk.

 It has been quite along time since my last blog post and this is really just because everything else has taken priority. It has been such a busy time with end of term stuff for me and I have needed to be there for all the other people in my life. It has been exhausting as well which doesn't leave much room for creative thoughts or ideas for blogging.


However, I have been working on a stress buster. I started this little lovely during a particularly stressful week a few weeks ago. I think I blogged about it last time. The pattern is Sophie's Garden by Dedri Uys and it can be found here on Ravelry. I whizzed through part 1 to 3 and although very eager to get going on part 4 I got stuck. The stitches just didn't add up and so on went the undoing and redoing and counting again and again until other things started taking over again and now perhaps I will have more time for this little lovely. 

You cannot beat a crocheted mandala for stress busting. Crochet in general, in fact, really occupies the mind. Before crochet I used to clean to de-stress, when things were particularly bad as sometimes they are when you are a teacher with a big work load. A whole house affair would happen as an avoidance tactic, particularly during report time, that would shake out the cobwebs and reveal corners of the house long forgotten about. Really should probably return to that method of de-stressing as a house with tiny tots, in my world anyway, equals a house with mess. Nowadays it's all about crochet for stress relief and any moments of free time. Besides we love the sticky fingers and mucky faces in our house! They're only having a childhood after all!

We are off on a little adventure very soon but hopefully I will return to Blogsville with much more regularity now we are on the Summer break.

 xx Wishing you all wonderful Summer holidays!! xx