Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Lovely Things

Today has been quite busy but full of lovely things and full of colour. We haven't really done anything out of the ordinary, just a very regular day for us but with little surprises and treats to make us smile. I thought I would share them with you. As I write this we are snuggled up on the sofa watching films. Little lady is playing with her toys and some of little man's toys too while he is busy not noticing. 

Today, after the school run, little lady and I visited the local library for Baby Bounce, a group for babies, singing, stories and play. We met friends there and had a lovely time. Then we popped home visiting the charity shop on the way where we found these Beatrix Potter books. I think are just wonderful. Eight little books, beautifully illustrated and full of imagination. Little man will love reading these at bedtime.

The postman also popped by to deliver this months issue of Simply Crochet. Yay! Love getting nice post! I like this magazine. I treat it a bit like a puzzle book. Some people like crosswords. I like crochet patterns, trying new stitches, reading patterns and making little things. I don't think it'll be long until I am trying this lovely Easter mandala pattern. Mandalas are a great way of learning a variety of stitches. One day I would love to learn how to create my own patterns in this way.

The Postie also delivered my Valentines present to myself... more Drops Nepal yarn. These colours are fab. So vibrant. I was planning to make another ripple blanket. Haven't actually finished the last one yet. I have run out of steam with that one so will return to it another time. Looking through my magazine there are several blankets I quite fancy making so perhaps a granny square blanket instead. Hmmmm. Perhaps another look through my Pinterest board for ideas might be in order. 


Little man decorated my yarn circle with even more colour for me. 

This afternoon I took the little people to a play group where they made these marvellous caterpillars. Even though I teach art and get messy everyday at school seeing my 16 month old with a loaded paintbrush still raises the blood pressure slightly. She loved it and, of course, was covered from head to toe by the end. She tried really hard and made lots of little delicate painterly marks and copied little man by sprinkling glitter too. Little man needed no help. He was focused and, with his cute concentration face on, he added colour and glitter with precision. We then read Eric Carl's The Hungry Caterpillar again and little man discussed at length the time we had 5 pet caterpillars that grew into butterflies. These little lovelies have found a new home, in pride of place, on a shelf in little man's bedroom.

The yellow caterpillar is by little lady and the green glitter sparkle caterpillar is by little man. 

Thank you for popping by, now it's time for tea xx