Monday, 2 May 2016


It has been quite some time since I visited blogland. Apart from my quick entry yesterday I have been away for exactly 6 months. I really can't believe how the time as flown. Work and home life has taken over now I am working more hours and have little time to do the extra stuff. However I have been sharing my crochet on instagram and though I might share some of my most recent makes with you. Please pop over using the little instagram button at the side for a peek and please say hi! 

This is a cushion I started recently from the Emma Lamb book Crochet Home. I'm still only this far and working on it.
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My Spice of life blanket, pattern by Sandra at Cherry Heart. I started the border once in teal but didn't like it. Planning to use sage instead.
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Still only halfway through this Harlequin Blanket, pattern by Berroco
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My rainbow V-Stitch blanket is enormous! Still picking it up every now and then but really need to finish this before the summer. Little people love hiding under it and it's great for den building.

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