Monday, 19 January 2015

Little bit more about me... and a rabbit.

Hi my name is Sarah and I have blog envy. I LOVE reading and following blogs. I love sitting down with a lovely cuppa and switching on the computer to see what wonderful things people are making and doing with their lives, much like reading a magazine. The blogs I love are a visual diary, a personal account of a journey through life with colour, creativity and inspiration for all who read it. My blog envy has been with me for a while.

I have a busy life but a fortunate one too. My two little people keep me and my fella working hard but fill our home with fun, laughter and excitement everyday and I couldn't wish for more. I have a lovely job I do a couple of day a week. I am an art and textiles teacher and occasionally I even teach photography. Making and creating has always been a huge part of who I am.

Here is another project I am trying to finish and this time I have some help too. I wanted to make a homemade toy for my little lady's first birthday. This didn't quite happen and poor old Rabbit has been sat on a shelf waiting to be finished for quite a while now.

I used vintage and scrap fabrics and my own homemade pattern to create him. I had planned to make some clothes for him too but one thing at a time. We are still trying to decide on the buttons.

I am going to join the legs, arms and ears with buttons and buttonholes so they can move about. 

We are having far too much fun feeling, counting, sorting and looking at the button treasure to make any serious decisions.

 Not forgetting taking out and putting back in the pot too.

And of course pouring them all over the table.....

Thanks for coming by.