Monday, 16 March 2015

Slow Progress

Talk about bonkers at the moment. I think it's that nearly the end of term feeling. Everything is happening at once and I can't keep up. Trying to find time to create lovely things isn't happening quite as much as I would like again. I have had fun at some lovely workshops recently which I might just tell you about soon. Otherwise the busyness of everyday this and that has taken over...

I have been making slow progress on some of my projects and several of them just need a couple more evenings and they will be done and dusted. I have some lovely ideas for Little Lady's Rabbit who has a dress now and all limbs attached. I will be sharing that with you soon. I have had to order some more yarn for my Granny Squares blanket. All of the squares are completed now and I have decided to use light beige mix as a border for each square and for joining. I will use beige mix and off white for the edging.

I also had fun in the garden the other day with Little Man and we took some nice pics of my latest bundles of finished and half way there crochet projects...

So here it is...

My Poncho!!!!!

The last three photos were requested by Little Man. Always a fan of Mummy's crochet blankets and now the poncho too. He took this last one. Have to say I'm not a fan of having my photo taken especially when I'm not prepared (looking a bit like I've been dragged though a hedge backwards) but he was proud of it nonetheless.

I am very chuffed with my poncho. Making it was wonderful fun and the Drops Nepal Aran weight  yarn was nice and easy to crochet with. I have enjoyed many an evening snuggled under it crocheting and playing with projects. I used Lucy's colours from Attic24 but my own design although I couldn't help but borrow a few of her lovely ideas too. The Poncho Pattern was from Simply Crochet Magazine and here it is on Ravelry.

Must be off now... thanks for popping by xxxxxxx