Monday, 23 February 2015

Rest and Recovery

The last couple of weeks have been a bit bonkers around here. I seemed to be rushing around all over the place dealing with car troubles, work things, the usual school runs, supermarket trips, all the boring bits of life that seem to take up so much time. And then, when I least expected it, I was hit with the winter sickness bug and totally derailed for several days. We have now had a good rest and a few lovely days out at the beach, the farm and the park. We have spent lots of time together snuggling up watching films, eating comfort foods and reading great piles of books. The little people are both very good at gathering up six or seven books they want to be read and planting themselves on my lap wherever I am and whatever I'm doing, making themselves comfy ready for a good long read. Can't complain really. Any opportunity for a cuddle. Some creative things have been happening as well...

Last week I finish this little lovely...

It's the mandala pattern from the latest Simply Crochet magazine. I changed the design slightly so mine has yellow triangles instead of hearts. I simplified the edging as it was getting late in the evening and I had lost the ability to fathom crochet instructions. I also had a rummage in my big box of yarn to find my cotton Drops Paris to use for the mandala and made a nice discovery. 

This is a mandala seat cover I made for a stool a very long time ago. I had forgotten all about it. And it's nearly finished too :) Thinking that this will look fab in my new studio come spring.... Oh, roll on Spring!!

I have now spent several evenings since my fluffy yarn post arrived thinking, researching and sampling. I want to make a blanket and am having to be quite firm with myself on this as there are so many lovely crocheted things distracting me at the moment. I have been having fun playing with my little peg people and their coloured jumpers as well. Mixing and matching colours, playing with ideas. And of course I'm not the only person who has enjoyed these little pegs. The little people in my house have been taking them off on adventures, making them new homes in all sorts of places and having chats with them. Look at them all stood in a row. I think I might have to paint little faces on them next...

The other night I started, unravelled and started again a rainbow ripple blanket, a chevron blanket and a moss stitch patterned blanket. I decided to go with moss stitch and managed 4 rows before I realising I was never going to finish this blanket if I used this stitch. I did a bit more research and am now making a granny squares blanket. I am really pleased with my squares so far. Granny blankets are quite quick to make and nice and creative. You can play with colours along the way it is easy to pop yarn and a hook in your bag for granny squares on the go!

Coming along quite nicely don't you think? :0)

Thank you for visiting my world of colour and fun xxx