Saturday, 21 March 2015

Mothers Day Treats... Feeling Loved!

Warning: Mothers Day treats and cuteness ahead...

Here is my Little Miss Lovely being the perfect Mummy to her dolly. And Oh how she loves her dollies. They get more kisses than me!

The Little People did me proud this year. I was woken on Mothers Day morning by the sound of Little Man's latest noisy toy in my ear and a big grin as he presented me with a cute card. Little Lady was there ready to give me a wonderfully dribbly kiss. Then there was the compulsory 321 jumps on Mummy from a great height several times. Although I should point out this happens every morning. No need for an alarm clock in our house. At breakfast more treats were given including chocolate (no photo available for obvious reasons), the offer to help me eat the chocolates there and then, lovely flowers...

(Please excuse the rust stained table, I will explain soon. 
A new table might have been a good present too!)
... and even more beautiful homemade cards from the Little People. Love these most of all.

This was Little Man's handy work.  Like looking in the mirror!

And Little Lady also created a masterpiece... Such a lucky Mummy!!

I was treated to a bracing stroll along the Felixstowe Promenade and as usual Little Man was zooming along on his scooter while Little Lady enjoyed the shelter of her pushchair. Throughout the day Little Man made a fuss of me making me treats and being extra diligent. Here is a hammer and pin tack picture he made for me. He was understandably very proud of it. Clearly a description here is not necessary but for those of you who have trouble identifying anatomy this is a face with legs.

We did the rounds and visited the Grannies. Both were very happy with a visit from their Grandchildren and receiving cards, gifts and flowers.  It was a lovely quiet day. A chance to spend time with family and enjoying the little things including the arrival of more yarn for finishing projects and starting new ones. 

I now have all the yarn I need to complete my Drops Nepal Granny Squares blanket.  It has changed shape and is not as big as I had first thought but I am really please with it so far. Loving the colours too. I have made quite a bit of progress since this photo by joining the squares and starting the border. 

Shouldn't be long now until it's finishes! Yay! Just the matter of finishing the border and sorting out millions of little thread... not looking forward to that bit!

Thank you for popping by, hope you enjoyed your stay xxx