Thursday, 19 February 2015

Soaking Up The Sun

Today we went out to play in the sun.

We had a picnic on the beach, little man rode is scooter at break neck speed up and down the promenade while little lady pushed her little pushchair and squealed with delight and sometimes exasperation, jabbering about all sorts and to anyone who would listen or offer a smile. 

 Granny came too which made our day.

We made sand castles, dug big holes and stood in them.

Collected big stones, little stones, pretty shells and special things. 

 Tried really hard to get our feet wet.

 Admired the beach huts with all their colours, funny names and curiosity.

Ate ice cream.

Played hide and seek.

And soaked up the sun...

It has been a funny few days in our house with sickness and people away so it feels nice to try and return to somewhere that feels normal and enjoy some of the half term holidays. The wonderful February sun giving us hope for spring, letting us forget winter for a moment and play like it's summer time.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :0)