Saturday, 17 January 2015

New Year Hopes and Dreams 2015

Welcome to my new blog. I have to say I am very excited. At the start of every new year I always have high hopes for the months ahead and try to make plans that often involve loosing Christmas pounds, new crafty makes in my to do pile and plans for my home. Too often in the past we have one big plan for the year and the little things go by the wayside. Well this year I really feel like it might happen. I have wanted for so long to write a blog and share my ideas and crafts and for a change we have no big plans for the near future. We have not long moved into our new home and it is calling for so much colour and life to be added. I have also inherited a small summer house in our little back garden which I plan to turn into a studio space for just me. Can not wait to tell you more about that soon. We have high hopes this year for our allotment too and are already planning new things to grow and recipes to make. So my to do list is all fresh and raring to go.

My main aim this year is to stick with it and keep going. Snatch minutes and moments to create and hopefully finish some of my smaller projects. Already this year I have nearly finished my latest project, a crochet poncho with a cowl neck, very much inspired by Lucy from Attic24. I pinched her choice of colours in Drops Nepal yarn and using a pattern from Simply Crochet. I have mixed the colours up to make my own design and I am really please with the result so far.
You might notice a small person in my photo, that's my little man. I am a wife and a mum of 2 little people. My little lady is 1 and she is toddling about and quickly becoming little miss independence. My little man is nearly 4 and he is already a busy bee with lots of hopes and dreams of his own. So with so much newness around and perhaps the hope of a bit more me time this year it seems like now is a great time to start blogging and creating.
I hope you like my crochet pics... small snippets of my nearly finished poncho. I have to say this yarn is wonderfully easy to work with. It is a wool and alpaca blend. It's quite chunky and requires a 5mm hook. I have been using a 6mm hook and am working it very quickly and already thinking of ideas for the scraps and possibly a new blanket project in the future.
I love the colours as well, lovely warm tones mixed with cool blues and earthy green and pistachio. I have been exploring lots of combinations and have tried to create some order to my design. I have opted for the light blue grey for the cowl neck ribbing, the same colour as Lucy from Attic24 used for her poncho. I so nearly went for a pistachio but chickened out at the last minute. For my stripe pattern I have used the light blue grey a few times to bring the stripes together making the rainbow design feel slightly less random and I am planning to crochet a big border in the same colour with some lovely edging.
Its not even finished and its already a favourite with the little people. It has been dragged about, snuggled in and experimented with to see how much you can hide under it or how many heads can fit through the hole. I think a blanket would be very popular.