Sunday, 1 May 2016

Textures For Ideas

Had a trip to Landguard a couple of weeks ago and finally took time to look at the photos today. Some lovely textures and patterns. I like to take textural pics of details and patterns when I'm out and about and keep them for ideas for future projects.

Our family had a lovely time exploring all the way to the point. The little people had wonderful fun making stone stacks, collecting shells and pebbles and helping me find sea glass treasure. It was freezing cold and windy but the adventure kept us going for just long enough. My pockets were full to the brim as we walked back to the car carrying several small rocks Little Man really absolutely needed to take home.

My plan is to use these lovely photos as a starting point for some textile experiments at some point very soon. My head is full of ideas at the moment. I just need a little more time...

Thank you for visiting.
Really hoping to be back very soon.

x Sarah x